Thursday, July 28, 2011

Top 10 Things We Learned as New Parents

Greetings friends!

It has indeed been a long time since we have updated. We blame it on Elijah. Sorta.

Anyways... as I type this I have Elijah sleeping very comfortably on my chest. I must say that he is a very good baby. He rarely makes a fuss and is a very smily and happy baby. He even has his moments where he bursts out in random baby laughter. These moments melt our hearts and make us realize that the nights of sleeplessness are worth every second.

Elijah is now 4 months and 22 days and we cannot believe how fast the time has past. It seems like yesterday that he was swamped in his newborn clothing; now he is busting out of the seam in his 4 month old body suits.

In these 4 months we have learned invaluable lessons about parenting that has only come through experience. Allow us to share them with you now (they are in random order):

1) You can never have enough baby wipes. Not only are these for wiping baby butts, but you can also use them for cleaning up virtually any mess out there (i.e. ketchup on your mobile phone)

2) Sleep when the baby sleeps. They rarely make it through an entire night so get the sleep when you can!
3) Do not bathe your baby everyday. This is a tough one considering we are both neat freaks. Bathing your baby everyday is a sure way to dry out their skin and will surely cause dry rashes and bumps

4) Loving Grandparents are your biggest asset.

5) There is more to it than you would think with breastfeeding... and you can never know enough. You would think it all comes naturally, but it can be quite frustrating in the beginning.

6) The person that knows your baby the best is you. Trust your gut.

7) Starting to save now is essential! We all say the same thing as parents, "Man they grow up so fast!" And we figure this is true. We have been saving and investing already for Elijah and plan to do the same with the future kids.

8) Going on dates is a necessity. I know it sounds challenging to schedule, but we believe they are still important (if not more so now). Plus, you can even bring baby with you; and when they are small it's even easier :-)
9) Get a light baby stroller. The heavier they get, the more overall weight you have to carry - especially if you live somewhere with stairs!

10) Readers please share... we would love to hear your input/stories/rants/raves/etc.!


Vince, Cay and Elijah