Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hotel Guest Vince Granado

Good evening people of God,

I am one tired mess. I haven't gotten a lot of sleep these past days. And who is to blame? HEROES! (The television show). However, I am not here to whine and complain.

As you have read in our last blog, Vince spent his 10 day break here in Vienna, in Hotel Santayana. And you know what? It was just amazing to have him here each day. I hardly spent time with him because I would be at work for like 10hours per day, and so we would just have a few hours left, but it didn't matter. It was still perfect! I am just thankful for these breaks that he has, because it is rare that I get to see him day after day.

My favourite things we got to do this week:
1) Cook and eat splendiferous food
2) Spend time with JD, Anness & KC
3) Watch Heroes
4) Adoration
5) Have dinner with my parents
6) Watch Heroes
7) Have SFC household
8) Eat
9) Have dinner with Maria & Tom
10) Watch Heroes
11) Celebrate Gaele's bday
12) Play billards for the 1st time
13) Pray the rosary together
14) Talk about life and other important things
15) Watch Heroes

and there were so many other things we wanted to do but didn't get to:

1) Visit the Precilla's
2) Go to the movies
3) Wash my car

Oh well...

Lord, thank you for this time together. I cherish it so much, since it is not something we get to do much, spend an entire week together. Thank you God! We may not have had the amount of time we wanted to spend together and we may not have gotten to do all the things we wanted, nontheless, it has been a perfect 10 day break for Vince and for me.

Family & friends, cherish each moment given to you by the Lord to do the things you love! It's a blessing and a privelege. Never take things for granted! Enjoy, savour and be thankful for the things, people and experiences the Lord gives us.

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  1. Cay, i totally agree with you! I just need to remind my self more often than before about the time and quality of time we spend each day.

    Comment about your hair: i love it.. haha.. iba naman!!!

    About Vince: sayang we still havent met him but its great to be able to read about him. I guess I can speak for everybody when I say that we are happy to see you both inspiring each other =D