Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cay and Baby Elijah...

Dear friends,

A lot of people have been asking for a shot of Cay and her belly. I managed to convince her to take a couple of pictures of our gorgeous belly.

Let me just say that as a witness to the beautiful challenge of carrying a child, I have come to greater understanding and a more profound respect for every mother.

Comments welcome...


  1. beautiful! you wont regret shots like these 20 years from now ;)

  2. You're beautiful ate Cay... I love your belly! I can feel the same... I'm so shy to have pics of my tummy! hihi... have to get used to it...But truly Kuya Vince, Carrying a God's Gift is such a wonderful experience.It's even more amazing to see the Dad to be, being so attentive to the baby's moves =)
    Soon You'll be posting Baby Elijah's Photos! Can't wait...

    God bless you !

  3. Be proud to show off that belly!
    Such a perfect baby bump :)

  4. btw, this is vanessa, one of vinson's high school friends. in case it doesn't show my name on here ;)

  5. thanks for the kind comments :-) i am just a shy mommy.

  6. You finally look like you're pregnant! That's awesome woman. I promise, at two months, I looked like I was 5 months. Love you both ... I mean, you three. Try to enjoy the pregnancy as much as possible. It's tough, but there's nothing like suffering all this and then holding him after. Spoken like a true Catholic. Suffering = awesomeness.

  7. i get the honor of 'seeing' elijah often and seeing how he grows! and boy you are growing baby Elijah! cant wait for you to be out. Kuya Noah and Ate Izzie cant wait for Elijah to come!! We love you three!

  8. YAY!!! We now have a glimpse of our little Elijah! :) As always, praying for you all and a safe delivery. Love you!