Tuesday, March 8, 2011

40 Days...

Dear world/friends/family/and the sorts,

We just wrapped up some posts on simplifying life, and it makes all the sense in the world that we did these posts because what is around the corner? (Actually, it is tomorrow.)



What is Lent? Click here for the very thorough explanation of Lent, click here.

Anyways... the way we see Lent is the same way we see a detox diet. On a detox diet you basically cut out certain (if not all) foods so that you can be cleansed and healthy. It's the same way we see the period of Lent; we are sacrificing things that we either enjoy so that we can be cleansed and have a healthier (spiritually and physically) life.

So you're probably wondering what we are giving up.

Cay and I are both giving up USING THE INTERNET.

The exception is of course email and this blog. (also if emergency arises and we have to book plane tickets or something, we'll use the net to get those)

But why?

Because as we were evaluating our daily activities we realized how much time we spend (after work) surfing the net. Do we need to be surfing the net every night after we get home? Probably not the extent that we have been. And what do we get out of giving up the net?

More time!

We foresee us having more time to read, do chores, take walks, talk.

Good stuff.

Maybe having more time will give me the opportunity to start writing a book :-)

What are you all doing for Lent?


Vince and Cay


  1. Girlie and I are having a baby...

  2. Hahahaha! Good one cuz! Enough said on that one...

  3. Joey says he's going to give up Oxygen, and he added "top that!" What a devout Catholic.

  4. Tell Joey to give up drinking coffee. I think that would be harder for him :-)