Friday, March 4, 2011

The Excess of Activity... Part 2

Greetings friends!

So in our previous blog we enumerated the constant excess in activity that Cay and I have been facing recently. I am sure that some of you can relate to having so much going on in your lives that you just want to retreat to the Seychelles for a year. We feel for you. We want to do the same thing (after the baby is born of course). But alas, that is not possible for 98% of us. But we can give you our suggestions on how to slow down and simplify your life. We also would love to hear from all of you guys about what you do to simplify and slow down as well.

Check it out:

1) Sit down and examine your schedule for the week. I think a lot of the times we just breeze through the week and the activities, and at the end of the week we wonder what the heck happened to all the time. Examining your schedule allows you to be mentally prepared. Go through each day and what is necessary and what could possibly be taken out. Of course we know that things can change, and most of you with kids will probably attest to that, but it doesn't hurt to prepare as much as you can. Also, when you are adding things/events to your schedule discern the event and figure out where on the priority list those things go. If you a husband/wife/significant other then you should do this together.

2) Wake up early. The world is quieter in the early morning and as hard as it is, once you are in the habit it will soon become the best part of your day. Plus, in the morning you can get a lot of things done (i.e. working out, writing, meditating, praying, etc.) which will free you up for the rest of your day. Consequently this means you should go to bed earlier :-)

3) Learn how to say no. This is essential for the balanced life. Learn to say no when you have to and learn to say it gracefully.

4) Take a moment each day to be timeless. Take five minutes each day to do nothing. Get out of your office and take a walk outside and breath the fresh air. Walk outside for a moment and look at the stars.

What do you all have to add to reduce/cope/help with the business and excess of activities? We'd love to hear your input in the comments.


  1. Great tips! I do need to take some time out from time to time with the two kids. I get so overwhelmed at times. I have learned to take some of those 5 mins with the kids by taking them out on walks. (I'm sure they need it too). Thanks! Hope all is well with the both of you!

  2. Princess thanks for the comment, and you're welcome for the tips. The role of a mother can be quite overwhelming, and I thank you on behalf of all the fathers for your commitment to your fam. Keep walking your kiddos :-) Hope is well with you and yours too!