Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday My Love...

A tribute...

You are beautiful. Correction, you are the most beautiful woman in the world to me. You radiate. You are the most caring person I have ever met. You are the most giving person I have ever met. You are merciful and forgiving to those who have harmed you. You always put yourself second to others. You are elegant and you glide when you walk. I love everything about you. I even love how you argue, even though it is tough for me to sit through at times. I love the way you laugh. I love when you laugh because of me. I am amazed at how many friends you have. Well... not really, you are pretty amazing, so how could you not have so many people in your life that love you.

You have changed me. You have blessed me. You have loved me like no one ever has. I learn from you every day. You make me want to be better. I feel like I am more when I am with you.

I thank the Lord that He placed you on this earth, and I thank Him even more for bringing you into my life.


  1. you just never fail to let me know you love me! THANK you so much love! you are truly an expression of God's love for me... through you, He has made His love for me even more real.

  2. Hello Cay,
    This is Vince's (Whom I call Bin) cousin Girlie. I just wanted to congratulate you on your new engagement. But also, to welcome you to our family. It's an amazing blessing that you'll be joining us Granados (eventhough I am now and have been a Luna for some time now). I also wanted you to know that I am truly and utterly and insanely happy that you will be marrying my cousin.

    For so many years he was my best friend and at times I called my twin. We are three days apart (Bin is older.) and I always thought I should have been because I was always more mature. Lo and behold, my cousin outgrew me. He has really surpassed every expectation I have ever had of him. He has opened his heart and truly let God mold him into the man he is today. And soon enough, you will join this man that he has become through the sacrament of matrimony and create your own holy family in Christ. I welcome you. I welcome your entire family.

    I pray that you both enjoy this journey leading up to the wedding. But remember to prepare for the marriage more than the wedding date. It's so common that we humans lose ourselves in the engagement. I don't have to worry though - you and Vince are amazing when it comes to focusing on God and I have no doubt you both will do awesome!

    I know you'll love marriage. It's so friggin' awesome! I love my husband more than any man on the planet and he still makes me fall madly in love with him all over again five years and two babies later. Keep your hearts strong and open to God's will. May Mama Mary pour down the blessing like crazy and may the Holy Spirit continue to light your hearts on fire for one another.

    I love you already although we've never met.

    Rock on in God's House!