Sunday, December 20, 2009

Home for the Holidays and other things...

Greetings world!

I know it has been ages since this blog has been updated. I apologize for the delinquency, but you all know how life goes at times right? How about a little mercy ;-)

Here is a little update since I told you that Cay and I got engaged:

1) We are now in engagement bliss-time. There is no greater time I believe than this time. But then again, what time is ever better than the present moment? I never thought I could love Cay more, but it is true - I do. I love her more now than I ever have before. And even though we have had some tiffs during this time, they pass very quickly, and we are quick to reconcile. Amazing.

2) We are concurrently in wedding prep stress-time. Yes, that is true we are both in bliss and in stress. Look, the two are not mutually exclusive. You can be blissful and still be a little overwhelmed; especially, with something as large-scale as a wedding to prepare for. And... it is in little bit over seven months away! But here is what we have down so far:

- Our entourage (30 people... yes, I said 30 people)
- Our colors (midnight blue, light silver, and light pink... it looks super cool and classy)
- Our WEDDING COORDINATOR (we got to have one :-)
- Our engagement pictures:
- Cay's Wedding Dress Designer
- And a whole bunch of ideas

Pray for us and for Erika, our wedding coordinator.

3) I am finished with another batch of students and am eagerly awaiting for another one. The Fall 2009 class was a blast. It was certainly a challenge, but they pushed me to grow and develop in so many ways; particularly in the areas of compassion and patience. God bless you Fall 2009 class.

As we speak I am on holiday, and let me say it feels so good to not have to think about work, and just to be around the love of my life and my future mom and dad. They have been so great to me, all of them. But I would like to point out that we all need a place to go home to. Vienna, has become that new home for me - at least, until Cay and I make our new home in Gaming. The people have made it so very special for me. I feel that even if Cay and I end up in who-knows-where-in-the-world, we will always call Vienna home. It is where we fell in love, it is where we grew in love, and it is where most of the people (but not all of them) who matter the most of us are.

This will be my last Christmas as a single man, and let me say...

It feels so good. I cannot wait to be married and celebrate it with my future wife.

No one should be alone on Christmas. I would even venture to say that no one should be alone on Christmas, and not be with the person that they love the most.

God bless you all on the remainder of this Advent Season, and if I don't greet you before it comes - Merry Christmas!

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