Monday, April 18, 2011

Close Call...

Dear all,

Today was an interesting day for all of us here in the Granado/Santayana home.

As usual Cay and I went to work (although we left a bit earlier today).

We went our separate ways in the office (Vince works in Nuclear Safety and Cay works in Human Resources).

And usually we meet up for lunch at around 1pm.

That is the usual routine and we have done this hundreds of times since we both started working at the UN.

Today was different....

I called Cay at around 11am, after a very hectic morning of running up and down stairs between two offices, to vent to my wife about how I was dramatically improving my cardiovascular condition from all the running and stair-climbing. I asked her, "Honey, I have had such a crazy morning. How are you?" (As I have been mindful of her super-pregnant condition as of late)

Her answer nearly took my breath away.. "Umm, not too good. I am leaving for the hospital, because I am feeling pains in my lower back."

At this point I remembered what our doctor told us at the last visit, "...the contractions could feel like lower back pains in some women."

WOAH. I thought to myself... He is really coming now! Elijah is on the way!

My mind completely filled with wonder, panic, fear, excitement, happiness, and almost every other emotion. But most of it was filled with the joy that our son was about to be born...

I blurted out a question, "Are you having contractions? Is this it?"

She answered, "I don't know, but I'm going to the hospital; Mama and Papa are on their way to pick me up."

WOAH (again). My mind again was filled. IT'S REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN! All these months and here it is!

I asked again, "So this is it? I'm coming too!" She answered calmly, "No don't go yet; it could be nothing. I will call you when I get to the hospital and let you know if it is really happening."

My mind was already made up that this was it and all that I could think about what Elijah's arrival.

My colleague was working on something as I hung up the phone and she asked me if I could do her a favor. I said, "It's really happening and I'm a bit nervous."

She answered, "Don't be nervous, just answer the questions confidently." She thought I was referring to an upcoming job interview in the department.

"No, the baby is coming! I think." I exclaimed

"What?! What are you doing here? Go!" She was flabbergasted.

"My wife told me to wait, because it could be nothing."

"Oh, well then. Nevermind. Can you fix the funding line on this document?" Her wisdom took over as she knew that false alarms were very common in a pregnancy.

In short friends, it was indeed a false alarm. Elijah was not born today and although he is 3 weeks away each day seems like an eternity. It's like waiting a the top of that tall rollercoaster before you take the first plunge downward. Your stomach churns in anticipation and every discomfort that my wife shows I quickly ask if she may be in labor. The anticipation is killing me and yet my beautiful wife is calm and serene as she always is.

But here is some food for thought. Where is YOUR heart in moments of panic or close calls? I believe that in instances like these we really see where we have invested ourselves.

Comments welcome :-)


Vince and Cay

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