Thursday, September 10, 2009

The 09/09/2009 Blog: A Woman of her Word, Choosing the Path less Traveled

Good evening everyone! It is 12:41 am... hmmm so I guess it should be "Good morning everyone". Soooo GOOD MORNING WORLD! =)

Let me introduce myself. Hi, I am Cay and like the title of our blog site states: C aimer la vie... I am Cay, the C that loves life. I have been living and loving Europe for almost 30 years of my life. I was raised in Vienna, Austria, and still reside in this very beautiful and awesome city. And it is in this very continent, in this very city, where I met the love of my life, Vinson Dale Granado, the initiator and creator of this blog!

Wow, I just realized how memorable this day is: 09/09/2009. Although technically speaking, it is 09/10/2009, but let me make this whole 1st entry more special, and allow me to go back a few hours and re-enter the day 09/09/2009, so I can mark my 1st blog with the date 09/09/09 =)
Why am I making such a big fuss about this blog? Well deep inside I love to write, but I never got down to doing it. I would write some blogs on my Multiply, but I was never really a devoted blogger. So when Vince suggested doing this blog, I excitedly said YES!!!!! I just love to share my thoughts and experiences, and hope to touch and inspire other people through them. And what better way to do it than through blogs?! And what's even better is that I get to do it with Vince!!! BUT, yes there is a BUT! I have a numero uno problemo, my lack of commitment to blogging.

Which brings me to my realization for today. The SFC household topic for today was sharing how we are able to protect the "YES" we gave to God when we committed to faithfully serve Him, especially during the times where we want to quit or we want out. For me:
1) I try my very best to be the woman of my word
2) I choose the path less traveled. That is, not to give in to the human emotions (laziness haha, grudges, hurt, etc.) And think "What would Jesus do?" or "What would He ask of me?"

That is why I am still in Couples for Christ and its Family Ministries, even after 13 years. I stick to my commitment + I choose the path less traveled! And still I love this community and I continue to love the Lord more each day. And thinking about it, these 2 things apply to every other part of my life, not just community life.

In my relationship: As Vince mentioned in his blog, we have our dates in St. Poelten, a town 1hour away for both of us. Let's be honest, we both are super tired after our work and it is quite a "hassle" (if you choose to see it in that negative way) to drive out to St. Poelten. And you may think "These 2 are crazy! And they end up dating in Mc Donald’s?!" But so what! We have committed ourselves to be in this relationship, and since we live 2hours away from each other, we know we have to make sacrifices to see each other. We are a man/woman of our word! And we choose the path less traveled... we could easily be selfish and say we are too tired to meet up.
But we know we have chosen to be in this God given relationship and it is our responsibility to nourish it. And I know we both desire it.

At work: I am currently loaded with work due to new transfers of work responsibilities to me, since a colleague cannot handle the load. There is a back log of things to be processed, and we can get into trouble, more like I could get into trouble since I sign off my name in the things that are being processed now that are in back log. I could easily carry a grudge towards my colleague and keep on pin-pointing that its the colleagues fault, but no I choose the path less traveled.

Basically what I want to say is, I hope to be able to go by life and my decisions by applying these 2 things: Be a woman of my word & Choosing the path less traveled... the path which God would ask of us to take! I want to stay true to the promises I make and I want to react in a Christian at all times possible (but I can muck up sometimes right?).

And so I hope through this joint endeavor, between V&C, I will turn into a DEVOTED BLOGGER ;-) I wrote this blog just past midnight of 09/09/2009, fell asleep til 3am, got woken up by Vince and I carried on writing, but fell asleep again and continued writing when I woke up for work this morning. I am trying my best to be the woman of my word and choosing the path less traveled... waking up in the middle of my sleep to continue writing. Let's see how I do =)

Thank you Vince for challenging me to do things that I actually do desire doing, deep inside.

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