Thursday, September 24, 2009

A promise is a promise...

Dear readers,

I made a promise to blog, and I want to stay true to that promise. Especially with Vince being away (he is on a bus travelling to Poland with 200plus other Franciscan students, faculty, TOR), I want to make him proud that I stuck to my word. Now, the content of the blog is another thing. The promise was to blog... and so I am writing a blog. It may not be profound, but I am writing as promised. Hahaha.

And I don't think I should be trusted to blog at 2am, because I may just write nonsense. If you check out my wall post in Facebook on Maria Contessa Sarmiento's wall, there were already signs of my weird thinking. Let me paste a Facebook wall post conversation between Rebby and me:

Ana Santayana: maam, ilan na sausages kaufst du fuer sher und fuer phil? para ich weis wieviel ich noch dazu kaufen soll.

JericoRebby Precilla:
hahahahaha!! love that taggerlish going on in here! LOL!ilan na sausages kaufst du ..wahahhaha...cracking up here! para ich weis...wahahaha.....can imagine tessa rolling her eyes to ur message! LOL!..
and yes....u can crown me queen stalker now! LOL!

Now, talk about consistency in a sentence! I mixed English, Filipino and German in one sentence. Aside from that, Rebby and I just got off the phone talking about wrapping a gift, and I was coming up with weird ideas! We couldn't stop laughing because I serisous with my suggestions, until I gave it a few minutes thought, and realized they were NONSENSE!

Basically, all of you (and Vince most especially) may just be thankful that I didn't write a proper blog tonight. I may have just spared you all from wasted time reading a nonsensical blog.

And so I sign off, and lay my crazy mind at rest. Hoping that the new day will bring brighter and more consistent ideas! =)

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