Friday, September 11, 2009

September 11, 2009: A Day of Tragedy, Hope, Franciscan's, Sweat, Flowers, Sick V, & AFFIRMATION!

Before I start: In a few hours V&C will hit the road, and it's off to Bella Italia!!! Ok... now the blog can begin....

Sept. 11, 2009, a very memorable day for all of us, especially Americans. A very tragic day for families who lost their loved ones, but still tragic for those who didn't because the very terrorist act simply shook us all. However, I don't want to blog about this tragic day, not because it is not important to me, but I still have every reason to celebrate this day in a more hopeful note.

Why? Well, today is the day that a new baby has been added to our barkada (Filipino term for a group of close friends)! WELCOME BABY SAMUEL CHRISTOPHER BALISI!

This is Tina's sms to us, but let me just extract a part of it, since it was a long sms:
"Es war eine schwere geburt doch sam ist endlich hier! Am 11.09.09 um 21:30 mit 3,8kilo und 52cm gross hat er das licht der welt erblickt!" (It was difficult giving birth, however Sam is finally here! He came into the world on 11.09.09 at 21:30 with 3.8kg and 52cm big!)

We have all been awaiting Sam's birth, and finally he is here. He surely gave his mom a difficult time, because Tina was already having her contractions in the evening of 09.10.09! That boy gave his mommy 1 whole day of labor pains. OUCH! But I am sure it is all worth it! I can't wait to see him and I can't wait to see the proud parents! Papa Carlo and Mama Tina... CONGRATS! You now have your own little family! How amazing is that! How Beautiful and how hopeful... on this tragic day... God gives us hope by bringing new life into the world on Sept. 11, 2009!

Thank you Lord for the gift of life, most especially thank you for Samuel Christopfer Balisi!

Quick run-down of my day. Woke up early so I would be the 1st in the shower since the Franciscan students were leaving this morning for Budapest. It was great meeting more Franciscan students. I love Franciscan students... love meeting the new students each semester! Work was tough... did some more physical labor! =( I was a sweaty little Cay in the office this morning! YUCK! Hahaha. One of my bosses gave me thank you flowers for being a sweaty little Cay. LOL! Went to the 40th day Mass for Jenina Dela Cruz.... KC, Kuya Vince & I love you and are here for you! Then rushed home to my busy parents and CFC household, and to my sick love!!! =( Vince is sick =( Haaaaayyyyy... poor sicky lover. I spent the evening helping my parents out for the household and watched Heroes with Vinson. We love the show!!! We are still on Series 1. I know we are a bit slow... but we didn't know it was good til our good/evil British friend, Sherwyn Sicat, uploaded all of the Heroes onto my Mac. THANK YOU SHER!

I would like to wrap up today's blog with this: We should never fail to affirm the people we love and care for. Those thank you flowers from my boss meant a lot to me. Work has been tough and stressy, I even had constant dreams about work!!! But when I received those flowers this afternoon, all the stress, late working hours at the office, dreams, sweat, and heavy files... were all worth it. YES, flowers were enough! You see, affirmation is so valuable! Let's not fail to affirm each other. One thing I noticed, Americans, well at least the Franciscan peeps, are so rich in giving away affirmations! What a blessing! We Europeans should learn from them. A simple thank you, or a flower, or pat on the back, or hug... can just melt away the negative feelings in a person. =)


  1. I love your blog! :) Full of emotions but yet very truthful. I've always been one of your believers and always will be. I've always known how capable you are to touch other people's hearts. You are truly perfect for each other. Vince brought yet another best among your many best traits - inspiring people through your thoughts. Although I haven't met Vince yet, there's no part of me that doubts that you are really meant for each other. Bringing out the best in each other is by far the greatest contribution you can give to your partner. And that is what makes you both an inspiration to many couples. You are doing a great job and I'm hoping to read more from you adventures together! love you both - weng

  2. weng!!!! everything you said was beautifully written. which is to be expected, coming from a very wise and professional blogger and writer =) the person i am today, i have God to thank for and the people He sent into my life to inspire me and pastor me. YOU being one of them. let us not forget when you gave talk 2 "who is Jesus Christ" at the 3rd Yout for Christ camp. you delivered it so well, you had all of us listening. i still remember it vividly, you were wearing your striped "latzhosen" (overalls). see i remember it clearly! and then you were my Singles for Christ household head. that was the best! you were such an inspiring, wise and trusted leader! you took care of me well.

    thanks again weng! i can't wait for you, jo, phoebe and vince to meet! we miss you all!