Saturday, February 5, 2011


Raise your hands if you love your wife/husband!

oooo... me

So just to go off of the topic that I talked about on Friday on living in the present moment and savoring each minute of life, I was able to do just that today with the love of my life today.

We woke up at around 7:30ish today, because of the inability to sleep in sunlight. Wow, it was great to see that sun today. I have to admit that in Austria, as beautiful as this country is, the winters are quite gloomy. This Texas boy is used to the big sunny Texas skies. In contrast to that, here in Austria, the sun goes down around 4:00pm. What the heck?! Talk about seasonal depression, I wanted to sleep the whole week last week. So to see the sun this morning was one of the high points of my month :-)

What made the day even more great was the breakfast that my amazing wife made. Check it out:

1) Bagles (yes they have them here in Vienna, thanks to the U.N. commissary) with egg, ham and cheese.

2) Bob's Red Mill Mighty Hot Cereal with brown sugar and walnuts (again, thank you U.N. commissary)

3) Isigny Calvados Camembert Cheese (dang... this is some good cheese)

4) Espresso (I love this so much I could inject it into my veins)

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