Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inner dialogue on becoming a father...

Dear all,

It is difficult for me to comprehend that in less than three months I will be a father. I tell you honestly that it has always been my dream to have a whole bunch of children, but to be hit with the stark reality that it is really going to happen is another story entirely. This is when my mind starts talking to me.

Begin internal dialogue:

Me: Serious Vinson, you are going to be a father.

Me: Really?

Me: Serious, you better get your crap together... or else... Look how you turned out!

Me: Wait a minute... I didn't turn out that bad.

Me: Ok fine, but seriously you better get your crap together.

Me: You might have a point, but how will you ever be truly ready to take on such a responsibility as raising another human being? I mean you can never do it perfectly. Look at my parents, although they are great, they made mistakes all they way through. I think it's something you from and try not to screw up, but if you do you learn and most of all you love your children through it all.

Me: Hmmm... ok you got a point.

Me: And I think you are forgetting a huge aspect.

Me: What's that?

Me: You (and I) are not alone in this. Do you forget that you have an person to share the beauty of the burden with?

Me: You mean Mr Schuester from Glee? Yeah he does seem to have all the answers; I especially love how he m

Me: No you idiot... you're amazing wife!

Me: Oh yeah! It doesn't seem that bad.

Me: Yeah!

Me: Alright!

Me: I'm excited!

Me: Yeah!

Me: Yeah!

Me: Wait which one is speaking now?

Me: It doesn't matter...

Me: Do you feel any less intimidated now?

Me: Well kinda... a bit...

Me: Don't worry, after all you didn't turn out that bad.

Me: Lord help us.

Me: He will. Trust me (us).

Me: Wait, how many of you (us) are there again?

Ok... *end inner dialogue *

Whew... Fatherhood... here we come! May 8 2011 (or sooner)


  1. something to remember: the baby has no idea you don't know what you're doing. so, relax. do your best, and let it happen :)

  2. Kristin, thank you for the words of wisdom :-)

  3. Vince, you will be a great father! No one will ever be prepared to be a parent 100%. The best you can give your child is love and I think you already know how to do that. I'm sure you've loved the baby since the first day you knew he existed :). It is such an exciting time in one's life really. Good luck!