Friday, February 4, 2011


I love Fridays.

They are so nice that sometimes I like it more than I like the weekend. Why?

Because everyone is in such a good mood (for the most part) on Fridays. Even the word Friday seems to roll off your tounge... Try it.

I came into the office today and I saw a colleague of mine and she was smiling from ear to ear, and she said "It's Friday!" And when I was in the elevator on the way down to lunch, all I heard were people saying... "well at least it's Friday." Friday is freakin magical.

I think what is funny is that, in reality, people like Friday because it is right before the weekend; and when the weekend is finally upon them... guess what they say?

I don't want to go back to work on Monday

What the heck? The thing you were most looking forward to the previous day is upon you and now you can't enjoy it, because you are focused so much on a day that is two days away!

As I am writing I am just coming upon a point that I believe we all need to realize (most especially myself).

And that is...

Take in every day - no, every minute - as best we can and savor and enjoy it. Once we look to far into the future we lose the beauty of the moment. And we don't want to live our lives constantly waiting for the best moments to come. The best moments are now.

I just saw this picture on Fox News and it totally reminded me of this point. It was taken in Egypt (Lord help them please) in the midst of all the chaos. What touched me is that they stopped to pray in the middle of it all:

So with that all said... Have a great weekend!
P.S. Happy Birthday Mama Granado
- Vince and Cay

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